Vehicle renting

Many other companies provide vehicle for rent but renting a vehicle does not necessarily mean getting satisfaction for the expectation of customers, Vava tours and transport company proposes vehicles for rental under the following conditions;

  • Different types of vehicles are available for rent (4×4 vehicles) such as;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser V8, GX or VX,
  • Toyota Prado TXL
  • Sedan,
  • Pick up (single or Double cabin),
  • Buses & Mini buses,
  • Toyota Coaster,
  • VIP Cars,
  • Mercedes Benz,
  • Safari Cars,
  • Trucks
  • small vehicles (Voiture)
  • Offer vehicles in good condition and comply with all regulations
  • Vehicle are replaced in case the rented vehicle gets a mechanical problem with the same vehicle category and replacement takes maximum 30 minutes in Kigali, Replacing a vehicle outside of Kigali replacement depends on distance.
  • Vehicles are provided with driver and fuel or without driver and without fuel (self drive) depending on client preference.
  • Driver maintenance and other specific expenses may be at our cost if required