Your needs are unique!

Your needs are unique and we are committed to using our experience with our business partners to help you meet your needs for vehicle rental, transport, event Management and tourism services. Our services are personalized, our service delivery is current, relevant and strategies are made for making our clients satisfaction. We are ready to be your professional service provider. Below are services offered by Vava tours and Transport Company;

Vehicle Renting

Many other companies provide vehicle for rent but renting a vehicle does not necessarily mean getting satisfaction for the expectation of customers, Vava tours and transport company proposes vehicles for rental under the following conditions;

Transport Services

We have experienced and customer focused Drivers who are Fluent in both English and French Speaking and are Familiar with Local Places. All the vehicles are offered in Good Condition, Clean, with working Seat Belts and we ensure that air conditions are properly working.

Special events

Vava Tours and Transport Company has successfully organized special events in providing best vehicles as required. Among the events so far organized include the following;

- World economic Forum

- African Union Summit

Tourism services

Vava Tours and Transport Company offers also professional tourism services such Gorilla Tours and other wild life tours, city and scenic tours, Tour guiding, Tour planning, educational tours including assistance for hotel reservations.