About us


Vava Tours and Transport Company is a private limited company registered in Rwanda with a Head Office in Nyarutarama (Kigali Rwanda) at KG 270 ST. The company specializes in providing the best vehicles for transportation of people for special events, goods and tourism related services in Rwanda and East Africa as well.

Our main objective is to meet expectations of our customers. From its inception by Mr. MPORE Placide in 2009, our mission has been to be a leader in specialized vehicle renting, transportation Events Management and tourism services providers, providing fast, efficient and friendly service that is second to none!

Since its inception, the company has expanded to keep pace with the rising needs in vehicle renting, transportation, event management and tourism services. Evolving with the constantly changing requirements of today’s market, Vava tours and Transport Company can meet any vehicle for transportation needs that may arise by offering specialized wide range vehicles either with Driver and Fuel or for self drive throughout Rwanda and East African countries as well.


Vava Tours and Transport Company is an established company with Thirty Five (35) permanent staff. The company employs professionals and affiliates in various fields, outlets of its business who are nationals or residents of Rwanda. Where necessary, Vava Tours and Transport Company enters joint ventures with neighboring countries so as to have our services delivered within a reasonable timeframe and meeting quality expectations of our clients.


Vava Tours and Transport Company recognize that every client is unique with special needs. We consequently adapt solutions to address particular needs, learning on our established experiences and continuous search for better solutions, through continuous research and review of our contract proposal. We try to recognize the exact needs of a client and we allow him to discuss the issues concerning the contract.


Emails: info@vavatours.com , manager@vavatours.com

Website: www.vavatours.com

Contacts: +250  788  308  506 , +250  788  557  701 (office)